Welcome! I’m Susan Wright. I am the creator of www.innovation2learn.com.

I’ve created this site with you in mind! Together, as co-learners, we’ll explore early years education through the lens of a Reggio-inspired learning approach.

If you’re anything like me, you appreciate reflective and positive conversation focused on moving thinking forward. You enjoy co-constructing learning and exploring all things early years education through the Reggio-inspired lens. Your learning community includes children, parents, and educators. And finally, if you’re anything like me, you constantly seek the company of a learning community who honour and value all participants as competent, capable, curious and innovative.

As for me, I’ll share the nutshell version. I’m an educator, researcher, and learner dedicated to inspiring and supporting educators, children, and parents along their learning journey.  I’m deeply reflective and research-based in my approach to education. I’m passionate about co-creating and sharing insights, wonderings, and questions. I’m very much inspired by environments where creativity, innovation, and the documentation of learning and thinking drive reflective and authentic conversation within the learning community.

Now that you and I have connected, bookmark this site and visit often! Even if you’ve only got a minute or two to spare, jump in anytime, read something inspiring, and share your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you! Connect with me on social media and remember to use the hashtag #languagesoflearning. I look forward to learning with you.

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