The Third Educator ~ Languages of Learning

The Third Educator ~ Languages of Learning

Languages of Learning is a resource created for early years educators around the world. The monograph shares with you the learning journey of two early years educators: Michelle van Heugten and Susan Wright. As in every journey, our work includes our own reflections, interpretations, and perspectives relative to our place along our learning pathway.

We welcome you to share and connect with us on any social media forum using the hashtag #languagesoflearning.  We are drawn to dialogue and conversation of a constructive nature. Our professional learning community is one that is respectful, supportive, and thoughtfully engaging. We welcome you to join us!

As you will come to know, our Languages of Learning monograph will include regular features that give you a place for reflective pedagogical thought. We invite you to share our monograph with fellow educators and administration. We welcome you to share the monograph and extend the conversation to your professional learning network either online or in person.

Michelle and Susan will soon be available for virtual conversations, presentations, and learning sessions for you and your team, colleagues, and staff. We welcome you to contact us for further information. Let us know if you are interested in working with us ~ we’ll put your name on our list so that you’re one of the first to know when our sessions begin!


We welcome you to enjoy the first edition of our Languages of Learning monograph ~ happy reading & reflecting!

View the full Languages of Learning PDF here.

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