Top Ten Reggio-Inspired Educators on Social Media

Top Ten Reggio-Inspired Educators on Social Media

It’s incredible to think of the number of people with whom we cross paths. The world seems to be getting smaller. We’re becoming more connected with one another, and for many of us, social media plays a huge part in our lives. Making a learning connection is simply a click away.


As an educator, my professional learning network continues to grow exponentially with social media in my life. Moving me beyond the walls of my own school building and connecting me to a world of learners. I have watched, read, and listened to many inspiring thinkers who share their questions, wonderings, reflections, and learning experiences with the world. If there were ever a time when educators were taking part in open, thoughtful, and deeply reflective conversation about educational theory and practice, it is now.


Being a social constructivist, I thrive on reflective conversation shared with other educators, children, and parents. Through my interactions on social media, I am challenged to reconsider what I believe to be true, to reflect on the observations of children in my own classroom and that of my world-wide learning space, and to ponder the implications of current educational thought.


On a daily basis, I am inspired by the ideas, creations, curiosities, and questions of children, parents, and educators alike. It is in this virtual learning environment that educational passions come alive. It is here that seemingly endless inspirations emerge moment-by-moment from learning environments on every continent. Within this rich learning space, educators are invited by co-learners and co-researchers to expand upon ideologies by engaging in reflective pedagogical conversations.


As this engagement unfolds, and with the intent of moving thinking and learning forward, educators strive to seek clarity, look for an inspiring invitation or provocation, critically explore theory both past and present, and curiously engage in conversation about new and innovative thought processes and practices.


Although not a complete or exhaustive list, I’ve included the names of ten thinkers who continue to inspire me in profound ways. By no means is this an exhaustive list, nor is this list in any type of order. Instead, this post is designed to start a conversation with a simple question: WHO INSPIRES YOU? Share your educational inspirations at: #languagesoflearning

Michelle van Heugten ~ @creative_explorations (Instagram)

Savonia Guy ~ @makecreatewithsavonia (Instagram)

Joanne Babalis ~ @joannebabalis (Instagram)

The Perigee Collective ~ @the.perigee (Instagram)

The Inspired Child ~ @the_inspiredchild (Instagram)

Reggio Inspiration ~ @reggio_inspiration (Instagram)

Reggio Children Inspired ~ @reggiochildreninspired (Facebook Page)

A Recipe For Wonder ~ @wonderstaples (Twitter)

Diane Kashin1 ~ @DianeKashin1 (Twitter)

Fairy Dust Teaching ~ @sallyhaughey (Twitter)

Louise Jupp ~ @LouiseJupp (Twitter)




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